About the Community Education Commission

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The Community Education Commission (CEC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to increase access to quality education for all Detroit families. CEC was formed in August 2018 by Mayor Mike Duggan in response to the many school-aged children who leave Detroit every day to attend school outside of the city. Mayor Duggan sought to develop critical resources and systems-level solutions that address barriers that families face in accessing local schools. To date, CEC has invested in innovative initiatives that increase access to afterschool enrichments, transportation, and provides transparent information about schools.

CEC’s board members include leaders across Detroit’s education landscape, including Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD), charter schools, the teacher’s union, philanthropy, community organizations, teachers, and parents. CEC works collaboratively with its board, City of Detroit partners, schools, and families to support the development of a strong, family-first education ecosystem.

Our mission is simple- to increase access to quality education for all Detroit families.

See our website, for more information about the CEC and our other signature programs https://www.cecdetroit.org/

 About the Detroit Schools Guide

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Access to information has been one of CEC core pillars since the organization launched. One of its key goals in year two was launching a user-friendly, parent-facing site that contains information about all Detroit public schools – district and charter – as well as tips for navigating the education system. In the spring of 2020, the CEC launched the Detroit Schools Guide. The information in the newly designed website presents information that parents care about when making school decisions, such as program and school quality, waitlists, transportation options, hours and the availability of child-care before and after, teacher and leader information, safety and more. Using this resource, families will be able to easily identify schools that meet their unique needs; find clear, actionable information on school quality; and access improved tools to advocate for their children. CEC will be building off its efforts over the last two summers when it published the Detroit Parents Guide to Schools, a precursor to the more robust Detroit Schools Guide. This resource has contained basic information on all public schools in Detroit, district and charter.

Our mission is to serve as the city’s one-stop-shop for thorough and actionable information about Detroit’s education landscape.