The 2020 Census

June 25, 2020


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In the midst of all the worries about when and how schools will re-open, and the uncertain economic future many families face—perhaps the last priority is filling out the 2020 Census. NEWS FLASH:  THE CENSUS MATTERS MORE THAN EVER!  Why?? Population is the way the federal government determines who gets what. This applies to programs like Medicaid, Special Education, Title One grants to schools, College Financial Aid, even sports programs and school lunches—all these programs are funded by your federal tax dollars and they use the Census population count to distribute federal money to States and Cities. 

BOTTOM LINE: The fewer people we count in the City of Detroit, the less money we get for these vital programs. As of June 15, less than half (47%) of all Detroit households responded to the Census. Talk to your family, friends, neighbors and make sure they respond to the Census.

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Written by The Community Education Commission