"80% of success is showing up"

January 27, 2020



By - GOAL Line

January 27, 2020 11:31 PM

Have you ever entered a contest with big first prize, like a new car and started having dreams about what you’d do and where you’d go if you won?  How would you feel if you won the contest and upon delivery of your shiny new car, you were told you could only drive it 1 or 2 days a week?  

What!?  That would not be cool at all.  

Well here at the GOAL Line we consider ourselves a top of the line new car that wants to be driven often, yet sometimes we only get 1 or 2 days with our young passengers, our students.  This doesn’t allow them to get the maximum benefit from the program.  We love our students and want them to experience all the GOAL Line has to offer each day, Monday – Friday. 


Studies show that children who regularly attend afterschool programs do better academically and socially and even have better school attendance.  Students at GOAL Line also have the unique benefit of meeting students from other schools and making new friends.  GOAL Line is a safe and caring environment where students get healthy snacks and light nutritious meals, participate in hands-on learning, discover new interests and burn off some energy with physical activities. 

Hopefully you’ll work with us by ensuring your student makes it to program daily.  If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent your child from attending 4-5 days a week, please let GOAL Line staff know.  In the meantime, please checkout our GOAL Line Student Attendance Policy.  We are strictly enforcing this policy for the reasons previously stated and so that students who have been on the waiting list are given an opportunity to participate in this high-quality afterschool program.

GOAL Line Attendance Policy

  • Absent 5 days in a row: warning text and email are sent to the parent/guardian.
  • Absent 10 days in a row : student will be removed from the program and slot given to waitlist student; text and email are sent to the parent/guardian to inform them.
  • Missed more than 15 days of program since the start: there will be a mandatory meeting scheduled with the parent to discuss current enrollment status and ongoing interest in the program.


Thank you for trusting us!  We’ll be looking for your student at the GOAL Line!

Written by The Community Education Commission