"I feel safe and comfortable here. I feel like I belong."

January 22, 2020



"I feel safe and comfortable here. I feel like I belong."

student with cake

By - GOAL Line

January 21, 2020 09:41 PM

Just the other day, I happened across that television program, Kids Say the Darndest Things and I couldn’t help but think of the fascinating students we have at the GOAL Line.  Recently, the GOAL Line team set out to hear firsthand how our students and parents felt about our program.  This exercise was hilarious, enlightening and heartwarming. 

I stopped by our NASA inspired STEM enrichment program and spoke to little Ms. Rebecca.  She attends FLICS and is studying French.  She had just finished making an impact crater made of a mini sheet cake, frosting and candy.  Here’s what Rebecca had to say: “I like coming to the GOAL Line because it’s fun!  I like this year better because we get to come upstairs and have more activities.  I like making cakes like this because I get to give them away … I hate cake!

She told me she hated cake at least 3 times, but was happy to take part in this hands-on activity, so that she could give it away to somebody who like cake.

During our parent pick-up time, I spoke to Angela Johnson, a Mom who was there for her 3rd grade twins, a boy and a girl.  Here’s what Mom Johnson had to say about the GOAL Line:

“I like it because it’s free and I don’t have to worry about how they will get home.  I can count on the GOAL Line staff to care for my kids.  I like the quality of the things they do.  It keeps them busy and they get a chance to learn stuff like we used to in home economics classes. I have no worries when they are here.  One last thing I really like is my kids get to make friends with kids from other schools.  They love making new friends.”

Then there was Nasir.  It’s students like him that make the work we do that much more important for all of us.  Here’s Nasir’s take on the GOAL Line:

“My time at Goal Line has been very good because even though I have gotten in trouble a lot, they keep me here. I could've been out of this program for like ever, but they keep giving me chances. It's important to me...because I feel like the staff actually likes me. It matters because a lot of people are not going to like you...but the staff likes me. I have learned some things at Goal Line like about my anger and not letting people get to me...and being respectful. I did not how to be respectful, but I did know how to let people push my buttons...well, sometimes they still do...so I still gotta work on that.  I feel safe here and comfortable. I feel like a lot of people like me here. I feel like I belong."

GOAL Line students are exposed to a world of exciting and stimulating activities on a daily basis, but more importantly, our GOAL Line students feel, safe, accepted, comfortable, liked and that they belong.


Stephanie A. Young

Community Education Commission

Executive Director

Written by The Community Education Commission