Hubbard Farms


The historic district of Hubbard Farms is located in Southwest Detroit along the Detroit River and is bounded by West Vernor Highway, West Grand Boulevard, West Lafayette Boulevard and Clark Street. The land was originally a Pottawatomie village and burial ground. After the French colonized the area in the 1700s, the land was granted to Robert Navarre, the royal notary at Fort Pontchartrain who split the land into five ribbon farms. English immigrants began buying some of this land after the War of 1812. One of the first Americans to own land in the area was Whitmore Knagg. He sold some of his property in 1835 to the Hubbard family, which included Bela Hubbard, a prominent local geologist and Realtor for whom the district is now named. Today the neighborhood is a mix of Latin-American residents and businesses such as Mexican Town Bakery as well as trendy clubs and restaurants such as the music venue El Club.

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