Mohican Regent


The Mohican Regent community has been in existence for over 60 years. Our community has lovely landscaped homes with trees, clean streets and wonderful residents who have lots of pride and are active in the community. Mohican Regent has over 1,100 beautiful homes: ranch, colonials, duplexes and bungalows styles. Our boundaries are Gratiot and Schoenherr, East State Fair and East Eight Mile. We also have two wonderful parks: Wish Egan Park and Marbud Park. Both parks have picnic tables with sheds, walking paths and play spaces with swings for young children. Wish Egan Park also has a baseball field and a basketball court. Residents can walk or bike to pay bills, order food, grocery shop, pick up a prescription or have coffee and a doughnut. We also have within walking distance a dry cleaner, hair and nail salons as well as a renovated motel, a bank and several places to worship and a gas station. Our community is very diverse; we have young families as well as empty nesters and seniors who participate in our community events. Our events include peace walks, movie night, Angels’ Night patrol, community cleanup and our community picnic. We also have a neighborhood patrol that works with our Neighborhood Police Officers. We patrol and communicate information to the NPOs at our general monthly meetings as well as communicate with our NPOs by cellphone. We are also very pleased that two of our businesses have decided to go with the Green Light Initiative. This further helps our relationship with our residents, business owners, and the Detroit Police.

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