Oakman Blvd Community


Oakman Blvd. Community takes its name from master land developer and Realtor Robert Oakman. As the automobile industry grew, there weren’t many roads for the vehicles to travel safely, so Oakman proposed a road that was similar to Grand Boulevard. Working with good friend John Dodge who invested nearly $250,000 for the project, he was able to get it built, envisioning a road that would travel in a circle so drivers could enjoy views of the city and beautiful homes. Originally called Ford Highway, then Oakland Highway and finally Oakman Boulevard, it extends from Hamilton in Highland Park to Michigan Avenue in Dearborn. Still wanting it to be on par with Grand, Oakman began building homes in the styles of colonial revival, early English and Tudor. The neighborhood has remained relatively stable over the years and earned a spot on the Detroit Local Historic District List in 1989.

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