Detroit School Decision Timeline

Plan your time for school visits, testing, enrollment and more with our Detroit school decision timeline.

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Transition grade open houses

Many DPSCD schools and charters host open houses for kindergarten and ninth grade. Certain schools begin enrolling as early as fall for the next school year, and some open houses occur in October and November.

Select admission testing

DPSCD exam school admissions testing for fall 2020 admission. Click here to learn more.



Re-enrollment for current schools

After the holiday break, many schools begin re-enrollment for current students and open applications for new students. Schools that follow open enrollment rules host a lottery if applications exceed the number of seats available by grade level. These dates are available on schools’ websites or by calling the school.

Open houses and events

Many charters host activities in collaboration with one another. DPSCD is known to host school tours, a high school expo and kindergarten round-up events. In May, many schools host a second round of citywide open houses or events to ensure that families who missed the first window can enroll students prior to the end of the current school year.



Acceptance and waitlist notifications

Families and students typically are notified of their acceptance to a school and/or placed on a waiting list. Some schools continue to accept applications on a “rolling” basis, filling seats as they become available.

DPSCD enrollment center

During spring break, DPSCD opens a full-service center where parents may enroll students for the upcoming school year.



Summer hours

While most schools are open during the summer, hours may be limited. It’s best for families seeking to enroll for the following school year to call a school prior to visiting to ask questions, schedule a tour, and/or try to enroll. During summer vacation, DPSCD opens full-service centers where parents may enroll students for the upcoming school year.


Special considerations


If your child is in a transition grade and you are looking for a new school, contact the school(s) you are interested in to ensure that you are aware of their current timelines for applying and accepting an offer to attend.


If a Detroit school announces it won’t re-open the following year, DPSCD and many charters host events to support students (and staff) needing new placements. For extra help, call (313) 224-1222 or check out the Schools Guide school listings.