Enrolling for Kindergarten 

Childres in the classroom


The age at which a child is eligible to start Kindergarten is determined by their birthdate and the cut off dates set by state law. For public schools in Michigan, a child must be 5-years-old by September 1 of the academic year.

Parents have the option to enroll a child who turns 5 before December 1 of the same year by completing a waiver form of their intention to do so. Parents will be asked to provide evidence of the child’s readiness and parents who exercise this option should do so only if they feel as though their child is ready to handle the independence and academic expectations of Kindergarten.

Often, another year of preschool can be a great option for children who miss the cut off date. While the school may have its own recommendations about the child’s readiness, parents have the ultimate say as to whether their child enrolls. Children born after December 1 must wait until the following school year to start Kindergarten. Private schools generally follow similar guidelines, but are able to enact their own admission policies. 

 DPSCD has a common enrollment form for all of their schools. Each charter school will have its own form and process. Parents should enroll their children as soon as possible to have the best chance of being placed in their preferred schools.  Some schools may host a ‘kindergarten round up’ event in early spring and open houses so that parents and children can visit classrooms.